Roberto Messina

With a wide knowledge of soccer, I have dedicated a big part of my career as a coach to create and develop future players in different divisions playing for clubs in my home country of Argentina and in the USA where I currently live.

I have gained deep knowledge, skill, and discipline in my journey as a professional soccer player in North and South America. Many years of intensive studies, disciplines and techniques are tools that I have utilized in making the right approach as a teacher, to be able to achieve a more positive and effective learning exeprience. Order, responsibility and discipline are the most important factors to work and use as a coach.

My Skills

I hope that all my skills and experience are taken into consideration to be part of your honorable institution and at the same time be able to bring us together as a great success and winning team.

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Be able to achieve the best results as a team through my skills, passion, and hard work. I want to surpass and fulfill all expectations that a soccer team has while developing players to their fullest.

  • Graduated National Mechanical Technician, Industrial School #6, Rosario, Argentina.
  • Graduated as Technical Draftsman, Industrial School #6, Rosario, Argentina.
  • Graduated from the Argentine Football Association, AFA, class A.
  • Graduated from American Soccer Association, USA. National Class D.
  • Graduated from the Conmebol Sudamericana Pro Association.
  • Argentine National Infant - Youth Course.
  • Fundamental Coaching Certificate, USA.
  • National Football Coach, graduated from Argentine Football Association courses in 1989
  • Different national training courses
  • Coach USA License
  • Passionate and dedicated
  • Stress order, responsibility, and strict discipline in my coaching approach
  • Asociación Futbol Argentino (A.F.A) Class A Coaching License United States Of America (U.S.A.) Coaching License
  • Applied my experience and enthusiasm for the sport to prepare up and coming players from Argentina and the U.S. to a professional level
  • Led Argentine team, Atletico Argentino, to Miami cup finals in the U.S.A.
  • CPR License
  • NF HS Fundamentals of Coaching


  • 1959-1967, 1968 | Club Atletico Central Córdoba, Rosario, Argentina.
  • 1970-1970 | Club Atletico Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina.
  • 1971-1974 | Club Atletico Los Andes, San Juan, Argentina.
  • 1975-1975 | Wanderers, Chile.
  • 1976-1976 | Golden Spikers, Utah.
  • 1977-1977 | Apolo New York, New York.
  • 1967-1967 | Club Atletico Rosario Central, Rosario, Argentina.
  • 1969-1969 | San Lorenzo de Almagro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • 1978-1980 | Alitalia, GreaterL.A. Soccer League.
  • 1980-1980 | Yugoslavia Hakduc, GreaterL.A. Soccer League.
  • 1981-1981 | L.A. Gauchos, GreaterL.A. Soccer League.
  • 1982-1982 | Maccabee S.C., GreaterL.A. Soccer League.
  • 1983-1983 | Atletico Latino, GreaterL.A. Soccer League.
  • 1984-1984 | G.G. Galactici, GreaterL.A. Soccer League.
  • 1985-1986 | Porzalo Soccer, New York.
  • 1986-1987 | Liga Italo Americana, GreaterL.A. Soccer League.


  • 1983-1985 | Academia de Futbol Nilson Da Silva All Star Team, Los Angeles, California.
  • 1988-1989 | Club Atletico Provincial, Rosario, Argentina.
  • 1990-1995 | Representative Scout for Estudiantes de la Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • 1990-1992 | Defensores Unidos, 1st división, Rosario, Argentina.
  • 1992-1993 | Club Atletico Botafogo, minor division, Rosario, Argentina.
  • 1993-1995 | Club Atletico Argentino, Rosario, Argentina.
  • 1995-1996 | Union Tortuga, 1st division, Rosario, Argentina.
  • 1996-1997 | Ambush Soccer Club, Los Angeles, California.
  • 1996-1996 | Honolulu International School of Soccer, Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • 1996-1996 | Seaberry High School , Maui, Hawaii.
  • 1996-1996 | Baldwin High School, Maui, Hawaii.
  • 1997-1998 | Mission Viejo Soccer Club, Mission Viejo, California.
  • 2001-2003 | Coach Mayor Division CASSAL (Comite Angelino Selecciones Salvadoreñas).
  • 2000-2003 | Director Coaches. High Dessert Soccer Accademy.
  • 2003-2005 | Heat Soccer Club (C.Y.S.A) Coast League, Palmdale, California.
  • 2004-2010 | Soccer Player placement in South America and Mexico.
  • 2005-2008 | Patriot Prodigy Soccer Club (C.Y.S.A) Coast League, Palmdale, California.
  • 2006-2006 | A.C. Milan (Italy) Academy, Los Angeles, California.
  • 2009-2009 | Boca Jr. Soccer Academy, California.
  • 2009-2010 | Founder of “Soccer School White Project”.
  • 2010- 2011 | SCV Magic Soccer Club, Santa Clarita, California.
  • 2011- 2012 | Director of Soccer School A.V.F.C. Palmdale, CA.
  • 2012-2014 | LA Premier FC, Santa Clarita, CA.
  • 2014- 2015 | SCV Magic Soccer Club, Santa Clarita, CA.
  • 2014- 2016 | Eclipse Soccer Club, Simi Valley, CA.
  • 2016 | Los Angeles United Futbol Academy.
  • 2016 | Bishop Alemany High School Varsity Coach.
  • 2017 - 2018 | DT Valencia F.C. Academia, Santa Clarita, California, USA.
  • 2019 - 2021 | DT Florida Flame S.C., USA.
  • 2022 - 2023 | DT Swan City S.C. Lakeland, Florida, USA.
  • 2024 - Present | Florida Hawk F.C. Lithia City Head Coach U12-U18

Professional Player

Coaching Credentials

As an innovative and disciplined Soccer Coach and Personal Soccer Trainer with a 28-year track record of delivering outstanding coaching that has motivated and inspired players and teams to achieve outstanding results, I offer the attached resume for your review.

Throughout my professional career as a coach and player, I have strived to maintain excellence, discipline and confidence to lead and direct individuals and teams to victory. The contributions I have made are the direct result of continuing education and adherence to sound principles of effective coaching techniques. The same enthusiasm and drive that helped me deliver on expectations can be applied directly to your organization.

Association Futbol Argentina

National Director of Coaching, license.

Association Futbol Argentina

National Director of Coaching, liscense physical trainer.

International Tournament
Technical and Tactical national Futbol course, Argentina

Amateur Coaching Experience

The organizations I have worked for have greatly benefited from my in-depth ability to lead the professional development and interpret individual player needs to capitalize on their strengths and merge individuals to unify the team. My years as a professional player and coach have provided me with a well-rounded background to handle teams and players with great skills, ease, and proffessionalism.

If you are searching for an Organzational Soccer Coach or a Personal Soccer Trainer to exceed coaching expectations, to lead and motivate players and to commit to continual learning processes for ongoing improvement and knowledge, please contact me to arrange an interview.

Professional Coaching Experience

Innovative and results-focused soccer coach and personal trainer offering 28-years of professional coaching experience. Proven ability to lead and motivate individuals and organizations through the development and implementation of comprehensive training strategies and goals. Proven track record of delivering exceptional motivation to inspire through disciplined and passionate coaching. Recognized by peers, players and senior leadership for tenacity and the ability to educate and drive a team to victory. Fluent in Spanish and English, willing to relocate.

As Coach
  • Built comprehensive soccer club programs to guide and develop emerging talent to compete at professional level in the United States and Argentina.
  • Motivate players and team by extensive education to increase skills of technique and discipline.
As Coach, Atletico Argentino
  • Led team to Miami Cup Finals in Florida by instilling discipline and direction, utilizing effective coaching techniques.
As Coach, Club Atletico Botafago
  • Achieved division championship for club and second place for two additional division titles by leading by example and motivating players to excel
  • Directed team to 1st division international games in San Paulo, Brazil and Santos, Brazil by successfully positioning team to strive for excellence.

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Roberto Messina
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